Congregational Worship

We consider worship to be a great privilege. God is our Creator, He made us and knows everything about us. Incredible as it may seem mankind actually despises God, as we did as well. But God has been gracious to us and given us a desire to worship Him, not because of anything in us but because of His love. What better way to start the week than to join with other people who have been given the same desire to glorify and enjoy God in worship.


The Bible is central in all we do in worship.
We sing using the 150 songs that God has given us.
We read from the Bible because it is God’s word to us.
It tells us all we need to know about ourselves, God, and forgiveness.
We listen to our minister preaching, because faith comes through hearing the Word of God preached.  And it teaches how we can enjoy God and our lives to the full.


Our worship of God is not about us. Our worship is about God. We get together to worship Him. It’s not designed to make us feel good or bad. It’s designed so that we can say to God thank you for all that you have given to us and please teach and help us to live as lovers of You! It’s all about God. When we get that sorted, everything falls into place!